Sajjad Hassan

Sajjad Hassan

Thanks in no small part to his lilting voice and infectious smile Sajjad Hassan has captured the hearts of Sri Lankan music lovers across the island. His last four music videos went on to become Top Hits on Tv and Radio charts making him one of the Top Singer s in the Sri Lankan Music Arena which also has recognized & proved him as a Versatile Singing Sensation . His latest release Dase Welemin Maa (also released simultaneously in Tamil as Kannil Kannil) and its accompanying music video are setting the local radio and television charts alight. While  the radio single  Sihina Hora   is a huge radio hit.

He was born and raised in Kandy Sri Lanka, Sajjad attended Trini...ty College and aspired to become a doctor. His foray into the world of music began with a random classroom punishment. In 1995 a mischievous 8 year old Sajjad was pulled up by the teacher for repeatedly talking in class. The punishment was simple - to sing a song in front of the class. However the teacher was far from prepared for the performance that followed. Realizing the potential of his young charge, the teacher Mr. Nirmala Herath was quick to suggest that Sajjad follow music, a move which received the full support of his parents. 

Under the guidance of his mentors at Trinity Mr. Lafir Shaheed and Mr. Nirmala Herath this musical prodigy released his maiden album  Kurulu Handin  - a compilation of songs dealing with children, education, culture and peace - in 1998. The album benefited from the patronage of the doyen of Sri Lankan music Pundit W.D Amaradeva who graced the launch as chief guest. An introduction to Managing Director of Young Asia Television Mr. Hilmy Ahamed led to the production of music videos for three of these tracks. Amongst them was a peace song titled  Paraviyo  which captured audiences nationwide and topped the popular  Rasa Risi Gee  charts on Sirasa TV in 1999. Sajjad went on to win numerous awards for singing and music whilst still in school including 1st place at the All Island Tamil Singing Contest in 1999.

Sajjad took a brief hiatus from the local music scene in order to concentrate on his education. Whilst studying for his advanced level examinations Sajjad also indulged in his other passion - Rugby Football. He had the privilege of donning the red, gold and blue jersey during the 2005/2006 season. During this time he also began exploring the field of music production and developed his skills via emerging mediums such as digital music and software aided production. He released a number of singles of which  Tuition  became a major hit and was also made into a music video. Another track  Sil Suwanda - was the first Buddhist song sung by a non-Buddhist child artiste and won the Ratnadeepa Award in 2001 Sajjad also honed his classical music skills by completing Phase 1 of the Visharada Examination conducted by the Bathkande University of India. 

Sajjad returned to mainstream music in 2007 with his maiden production effort  Wasantha Samaye  a collaboration with the duo Sachin & Rakitha. The track received wide airplay topping both the Sirasa FM and Y FM charts. 

His solo comeback effort  Mata Kiyanna Nam Epa  was also released in 2007. Featuring the work of renowned lyricist Nilar N Cassim the track proved to be a huge hit enjoying tremendous success on numerous local radio charts. The music video for the track enjoyed much success entering numerous music video chart shows on several channels in 2007/2008. It was also voted into the Top 30 out of 230 entrants at the Derana Music Video Awards 2008. A remake of the song was also released in 2010 and is currently receiving wide airplay on local radio. The new version is a refreshingly different take on the original and features lyrics by Nilar N Cassim & Jaliya Wijewardene and music by Sajjad arranged by Ranga Dassanayake.

The follow up to  Mata Kiyanna Nam Epa  was  Kadaliye  a trilingual track with a hip-hop flavour. With a distinct blend of eastern and western sounds complemented by a stunning music video,  Kadaliye  gained tremendous popularity topping several television and radio charts including Sirasa Rasa Risi Gee Sri Lankan Top Ten , Swarnawahini Musix, Derana Music Online Top Ten and Max Super Hits. The Music Video was nominated for  Best Music Video  at the 2009  Sumathi Tele Awards  . It also was voted and selected to the Wasantham FM top 20 for 2009. 

Sajjad s third single  Gayala Wayala  with its catchy lyrics was an instant hit with music lovers both young and old. It enjoyed extensive airplay and topped a number of local television and radio charts including Sirasa Rasa Risi, Gee , Derana Top Ten , and the Hiru Fm Top 40. The accompanying video was an instant hit since it brought back some of the much loved cartoon characters of such as Bugs Bunny and Dosthara Honda Hitha.

 Namo Namo Sri Lanka  was also an instant hit, expressesing the strength, unity and pride of the nation regardless of the occasion. It is an exotic blend of house music and traditional Sri Lankan instruments.

His latest effort  Dase Welemin Maa / Kannil Kannil  is the result of a collaboration with producer Radeesh Vandebona and lyricists Dilan Gamage & Noel Arokiam. The track recently reached the Top on many tv & radio charts
Sajjad has his own production House named  Studio SH   and also formed an Entertainment company with few of his collegues called  Duelco Entertaiment   which provide Digital Music Content to Telecommunication Networks and also functions as a music production house. Many Artiste have signed up with Duelco and the productions are now gaining wide popularity.

Songs by Sajjad Hassan

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