Prashantha Sirimanne

Prashantha Sirimanne

Prashantha Sirimanne is the 2nd son of veteran stage actor/singer Ben Sirimanne the first prince of Maname , King Kusa in Kusapabawathi , he has also acted in 
Kundalakeshi who;s voice is still heard today in the well known noorthi song " Anna Balan Sanda"..
Sadly Ben Sirimanne passed away in 1970 when Prashantha was just an infant.
After the graduation from the University of Colombo in 1992 prashantha left the Island with his family.
Prashantha spent most of his youth in Hong Kong and America and returned to the Island few years back. 
Following his fathers legacy Prashantha has released several new songs recently , he has also played few supporting roles in teledramas telecasted recently
Prashantha to continue his music career , his dream song is yet to be released...Prashantha is devoting most of his time for music at present,working towards his goal.

Songs by Prashantha Sirimanne

Ekama Deyak

Mage Dahadiya Kandulu

Adare Mihirima