Shihan Mihiranga

Shihan Mihiranga

Full Name

Shihan Mihiranga Bennet

Date of birth

18th March, 1985


27 years


De Mazenod College, Kandana


Father - Tyronne Bennet

Mother - Nilu Mallika

Sister - Shanika Mihiravi

Favourite Vocals

Rookantha Gunatilleke

Bryan Adams

Favourite Songs

'Digantaya' (Rookantha Gunatilleke)

'Heaven' (Bryan Adams)

Favourite Food

Fruits and milk



Music Albums

Dreamz 2

Dreams of shihan

A born singer, who was born into a family that was tinkling with music, Shihan Mihiranga showed obvious excellence in arts. As a schoolboy of De Mazenod College, Kandana he was able to grab numerous triumphs in music.

Some of them were;

- First Place for Junior Classical Singing Competition of the All-Island Music Festival, 1998.

- First Place for Group Singing at the All-Island Schools Music Festival, 2001.

- companied the group that emerged Runners-up for the Sitar Playing event at the All-Island Music Festival, 2002-2003.

- Accompanied the group that emerged champions for the Sitar and Flute Playing event at the All-Island Music Festival, 2004.

- A permanent member of the school Oriental Choir and Music Band since 2000.

As Shihan continued with his studies as a commerce student he could not change the life to which he was born to. His father, a talented musician made his mark in music on the band of the Sri Lanka Army, as a sound controller he excelled at musical shows, chosen as a B grade singer at the SLBC and passed Trinity College Music exams.

As a young lad, Shihan had to do his school studies and help his father with his music. Though this was the case, the advice that his father always gave to Shihan was to keep music out of his main course of study. To make it a subject of study on the side, to make it a hobby. He tried hard to do this. But despite all this, despite having shunned a future that held success having completed the course of study at the University of Fine Arts in Kelaniya, music has made a grand entrance to his life. Today the very subject that he shunned, the hobby that he cast aside in place of accountancy and monetary studies has taken him to heights that commerce could never ever have.

Meanwhile, Sirasa TV made a revolutionary change in Sri Lanka via the Sirasa Superstar programme which began in mid 2005 bought together talent from all over the country under one roof. This programme was on the lines of the American programme American Idol.

Though here was a great chance for this young lad to show his talent, he didn't have any interest. It was a friend of his who sent in an application for this show. Thus paved the way for this truly talented young lad to come up with his talents.

Shihan excelled at Sirasa Superstar and came almost to the end, but more than that what cast a spell on viewer is his style, his style of movement, his clothing and his very own ways. Though Shihan unfortunately didn't receive votes due to inconclusive reasons, his name is on the lips of everyone in the country. His photographs lie alongside with Indian film star Shah Rukh Khan and young people are flocking to buy them and have it in their wallets.

Source: Wikipedia

Songs by Shihan Mihiranga

Dineka Mage (Katath Kalin)

Athi Maawa Rawatuwa

Obage Mathaken

Daiwaya Ape Iranama Wela

Mage Wela

Es Deka Piyana (ReMake)

Ridawana Jeewithe

Mithureku Wage

Sada Renu Wahena

Ron Suwada Dena


Obe Senehe Dawetamin