Sunil Perera - GUITAR & VOCALS

Born in 1952 Started the Gypsies musical group just when he left school in 1969. Has been the leader of the Gypsies from the inception of the group in 1970. educated at two of the premier catholic institutions in Sri Lanka, St. Sebastian’s College. Moratuwa and St. Peter’s College, Colombo, Sunil took to music from his school days. He was the member of the School Band, and has gone from strength to strength, finally leading his own band, The Gypsies. Among the many allocates, Sunil was adjudged SHOW BIZ PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR 1990. Under Sunil’s leadership, the Gypsies too have won many accolades as a band, being adjudged DANCE BAND OF THE YEAR IN 1989 and 1990. Sunil is married and has two sons and two daughters. And also a Grand Father.


Born in 1959. Joined the Gypsies band in 1975. Like his brother, Piyal was Educated at St. Peter's College, Colombo. Piyal also Played Drums for the Gypsies for a while, but preferred to concentrate on vocals. Has performed with the group and is the main support to brother and leader (Sunil), Piyal too has been part of the Group that has won many musical accolades. Married with two children, Piyal is also a working Director of a confectionery company established by his late father, Mr. Anton Perera. Piyal lives with his family, and looks after their mother, who lives in the same complex as him.

Derek Hepponstall – BASS & VOCALS

Born in 1956. Derrick is also a full time Musician. He joined the Gypsies in 1995. Derrick has played in several Bands both locally, and overseas, but came to rest with the Gypsies. He hails from a large musical family, Educated at Wesley College, Colombo, Derrick is married with two children.


Born in 1965 Full time Musician: started with Golden Reeds in 1982 played in several groups before joining The Gypsies in 2005. Studied at St. Sebastian's College. Moratuwa and married with one child who is also into music.

Gordon Athula – DRUMS

Born in 1961. Joined The Gypsies in 2008. played with several groups like "ULTIMATE" UPEKA, ETERNAL SOUL & Many Jazz Bands. One of the most experienced Drummers in Sri Lanka.

Dushan Jayathilake - KEYBOARDS AND VOCALS

Born in 1981. Youngest in the group. Joined The Gypsies in 2004 and has gained a reputation as a powerful Keyboard player. He has matured over the years playing with experienced musicians. He is a talented music programmer as well. Prior to joining The Gypsies, he played in a few other lesser known bands like SUNSHINE, an old boy of St. Xavier's College. Marawila.

Radika Rajavelu – VOCALS

Born in 1981. Full time musician. Main female vocalist of the Gypsies performed with "Quest" and "Clear waters-Duo" before joining the Gypsies in 2004. Educated at Holy Family Convent – Dehiwela. Able to sing in western and local languages equally well

Songs by Gypsies


Lowe Sama

Lunu Dehi


Mata Aithiya Kadulai

Nande Mame

Oba Dutu Mul Dine

Oba Lagin Innam

Ovath Vadada

Oye Ojaye

Pem Suwe

Sada Radenne