Kasun Kalhara

Kasun Kalhara

Kasun was born in Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka on November 3, 1982. His mother late Malini Bulathsinhala who was veteran vocalist and father H.M Jayawardena also a famous musician. He was a student of Premasiri Khemadasa also was a member of Khemadasa's opera orchestra.

His music career started with Indrachapa Liyanage in year 2000. at this time his mother was a big supporter to make his career and she was very proud about every steps of her son. once a newspaper interviewer was asking from her "what is the most memorable day in your life?" then she answered "The day Maestro Kemadasa hugged and wished my son Kasun Kalahara, following his first musical concert, That warm hug from Master Kemadasa guaranteed that Kasun had a genuine talent and a clear future".

Kasun has held couple of concerts very successfully collaborating with other artists such as "Kasun Kalhara Live in Concert", "Kasun Kalhara Unforgettable Live in Concert", "The Black Red White Concert".



Haritha Nimnaye (album) (2001)

Radical Premaya (album) (2005)

Romantic Opera (album) (2008)

Songs by Kasun Kalhara

Adara Hangum (Ma Nowana Mama)

Alaye Gatha (Ma Nowana Mama)

Hithe Pipena (Ma Nowana Mama)

Obata Ma Aadaraya (Ma Nowana Mama)

Suwanda Dena Mal Wane (Ma Nowana Mama)

Thani Tharuwe (Ma Nowana Mama)

Wahi Wahala (Ma Nowana Mama)

Nodaneema Awasan Una



Ahasin Eha (Adaraneeya Kathawak Movie Song)

Ananthayata Yana Para Dige (Unplugged)