Its been a long journy since 1996 when RAKITHA BADHDIYA WELANGODA was the lead vocalist of the oriental band of TRINITY COLLEGE Kandy. the story of this young artist not only outline,s his IMPACT on the youth audience of the NATION but also conveys how he was part of a projectwhich revolutionized all srilankan radios and tv music charts the hit single DAMPATA HANDAWE, known as most downloaded ringing tone in SRILANKAN mobile network charts history...

With a great passion of music RAKITHA joined in callobaration with SACHIN and ERANGA aka(SLAKER) and formed a band together back in 2004 this eventualy led to the experimental album THARUKETA which was released on 2005 while RAKITHA was still completing his advance levels on the same year.

in 2007 the group released there 2nd music video(DAMPATA HANDAWE)DIRECTED BY ANUJA N NUWAN which was included in THARUKETA by 2008 the track was phenomenal sucess making it n all time HIT among SRILANKAN radio n tv charts, DAMPATA HANDAWE was rated as the best all time ringing tone by all leading mobile networks thus ensuring it as a song which lives in every young SRILANKAN heart.

Inspired by his force to continue, RAKITHA continued on music which later on led him to start his own music production house in nugegoda (RAKITHA MUSIC PRODUCTION"S) not only that majority of his tracks based on personal experinces, this young artist carries his unique harmony compilation aligned with style and the perfect use of modern technology, RAKITHA is undisputably an artist adding flavor n new color to the unpredictable INDUSRTY OF SRILANKAN MUISC.

When it comes to stage performences, not only he brings his music along but lures the audience with his magnificent performence ny blending his charisma and style of music being a person who truly devoted to music and with eargerness to move forward RAKITHA PRESENTS his long awaited amd highly anticipated debut solo album SARANYA.....in 2010 with 2 new videos OBAMAGENAM (2010) n ANDURU AHASAKA (2012)  also planing to release his 2nd solo album in 2013 with 2 new video,s Mage surathe n Madase kalman..... (www.facebook.com/rakithaonline)

Songs by Rakitha


Abimane (T20 Cricket Song)

Nimthera Hara

Anduru Ahasaka (ReMake)

Is This Love (Dubstep Remix)

Ma Dase Kalman

Mage Surathe

Mal Mal Pode


Purami Parami (Fathers Song)

Oba Mage Nam (Official Trance Mix)

Kawikara Handawe (Remix)