Aruna Lian

Aruna Lian

Aruna Lian is a Sri Lankan record producer, composer, singer, songwriter, musician, and music director. He has worked with notable musicians and bands from Sri Lanka and Europe. He is also a well known for his original compositions used in some of the most celebrated Sri Lankan films. Aruna's works are notable for integrating western music, classical music with electronic music sounds, world music genres and traditional orchestral arrangements. Aruna's love for music and melodies stems from his early childhood. Growing up, he was taught how to play the guitar, keyboard and bass which paved the way to his career as an artist. While building his career in music, Aruna joined a number of well-known Sri Lankan bands. This was the time when he began performing on stage. His exposure to the life on stage allowed him to adopt many musical styles and develop his own. Later on, he traveled to Europe to further his career and to broaden his knowledge in music. While in Europe, he was offered a job to play with top bands from the world over, including bands from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This gave him the opportunity to tour throughout a number of European countries playing as an opening act to famous artistes. Aruna Lian's maiden CD Hada Salena contains fourteen tracks. Two of his earlier compositions which became hits are included in the CD. The rhythms are experimental: Aruna has mixed reggae, rock, jazz, chill out, and ethnic rhythms giving the whole a successful blend of European and Asian influences. Aruna also studied audio engineering and media design during his stay in Europe. Upon his return to Sri Lanka --- his career then already spanned over 15 years --- he was offered major projects in films producing musical scores for big-budgeted movies. Since then, he has been producing scores for films, television productions and commercials. Aruna has also acted in the movie, Heart FM, playing one of the major roles. The movie is centered on three main characters: Shakya, Mandakini and Rajiv. As an actor, Aruna delivered a strong performance owning every scene he appeared in. But besides his acting debut, Aruna also wrote and recorded a track, Yawwana Sihina Lokaye, for the movie, which until today, still receives airplay on radio stations.


During his time on the set, Aruna was also exposed to the routines and technicalities of working behind the scene.


Besides his acting stint, Aruna has established himself as a world-class composer. He has produced scores (which he mixed at Prasad Labs in India) for Sinhala movies like Nisala Gira, Challengers, and Love Me If You Can, and Pitasakwala Kumarayai Pancho Hathai.


Aruna also started producing tracks for nationally renowned music groups and solo artists and for upcoming artists from different music groups ranging from pop artists to hip hop groups. He worked with notable musicians and bands from Sri Lanka and Europe including Daddy Band and Swissbank.


Currently, Aruna is working on Clarence covers which will be released later this year.

Songs by Aruna Lian

Sihin Sarin

Sada Pata Thibunath Raye


Hiruge Lowedi (Re-Make)

Hada Salena


Maniyani (Remake)