Udaya Sri

Udaya Sri

UDAYA SRI ( Vocalist / Performer / Entertainer / Music Producer / Lyricist / Dancer )

Undoubtebly one of the best Vocalists around.Udaya's knowledge about music stretches far across.

Udaya Sri Started playing electronic keyboard at fourteen.

A proffessional guitar player who played

it on the record.

This very talented singer's ability to draw the exact picture

 of the song he sings,

in the listener's mind through 

his heavenly singing is much admired by many veteran artists.


The Debut song was "Traditions" ( 2003 ) and he got the peak

 with his voice in the single "Dark Angel" ( 2004 ).


Udaya Sri’s all time hit single is “Mage Heenaye” released in

 the mid of 2012 with its official music video.

"Mage Heenaye" Smashed out all Popular music charts in Sri Lanka and It's one of the most requested songs in 2012.

Still it's remaining at Top spots in music charts and Udaya Sri has fixed his establishment in the

industry through this song.


The Biggest Project of Udaya Sri's Music Career "Oba Wenuwenma Thama" Music Video is released in November 2012.

This Video is a huge surprise to his fans and also to the whole Music industry as he is introducing his Dance moves

for the 01st time in this Video. Also "Oba Wenuwenma Thama" is converting Udaya Sri's appearance to

an Popular music Icon through the performance, Costumes and the attitude in the Video and to a trend-setter in Sri Lanka at the moment.    


As a solo artiste, Udaya Sri has got a great collection of romantic 

songs like “Mage heenaye”, "Oba Wenuwenma Thama,

""Heena Atharin","Tharakawo", "Sayura",

"Penena Nopenena" & "Ara Vahina" with his own melodies.


Udaya Sri's debut movie playback singing was "Pahasara Obe Aadare" 

for the movie "Aasai Mang Piyambhanna" ( 2007 )

was most requested song 

in all radio & TV channels in 2008. Also it was nominated for

"Sarasavi Film Awards'' too.

After that he was singing in the Movie

" Heart Fm" ( 2008 ) and will be singing in the Upcoming movie

"Kalpanthayaka Sihinayak".


Udaya Sri jumped in to the Tele Drama music with "Sulangha" ( 2010)

but his debut singing for a tele drama was "Sudu Hansayo"( 2008 )


and the theme song of "Pooja"(2011). “Susuman Salai” &

“Ma Pathu Se Aadare” will be released soon.


UDAYA SRI Started his career as a music producer with his own

 audio & video production house named "HEAVEN Studios" in 2010.


Creating Music tracks, Music Videos, Commercials, Jingles and providing 

music for Ring-In Tones are basic missions of the company.

"Oba Wenuwenma Thama" is the 01st Main project produced by HEAVEN Studios.For more info about Udaya Sri and his latest updates


please visit UDAYA SRI (Official Fan Page) On Facebook and his official Youtube

channel “UDAYASRILive”.

Songs by Udaya Sri

Amathala Aaye Amathala

Suhubul Senehe

Oya Muwa (Spandana Movie Song)

Mata Huru Nathi Wedana

Kandulu Pirila

Thanikama Huru Denetha Pura

Mage Heenaye