Time calls back to around about 2003.. Three Josephians (Krishan, Dilesh and Harsha) were School Western Band Members having in-born interest for music. Even during school times, they played as an unofficial band for college occasions. In due course, Krishan met Lanthra and played duo for about four years. As a school boy, he was member of the Peters choir and held strong music roots from his father. He is the passed on endowment of Nimal Perera, former bassist of Sri Lanka s famous Gypsies. At a young age, he belonged to the band Akash as a vocalist/lead guitarist, managed by Mr Thilak Dias. Then they began talking... Comparing styles and strategizing. Which resulted in them wanting to present themselves as a unit to make an impression, this was the initiation of a Lankan boy band. Lanthra, Krishan, Dilesh and Harsha united as CREDO. The four almost lived together to get to know each other and REHEARSE. Just last year (2008) there was a final addition to the band, Kushal. He was an esteemed guitarist starting from school days. Initially was apart of another youth band and released an album as a band. He got into different styles of music and after such experience he is a multilingual. The Josephians and Peterites formed the five star circles. The lads wanted to rebrand themselves after the inclusive formation and finally chose a name,DOCTOR. 

DOCTOR is a discovery of untapped music talent out there, it is synonymous with innovative. The band is revolutionizing Sri Lankan music by preparing their creative energies in a whole new direction. They reflect that Sri Lankan youth have the potential to achieve things beyond their own limits and they shine with self belief to achieve anything in life. 

DOCTOR introduces its 5 NOVICES - Lanthra Perera, Krishan Perera, Dilesh Wellington, Harsha Ignatious and Kushal Abewickrama. The music of Doctor is an integrated effort of: Lanthra (Vocals/Guitar), Krishan (Vocals/Keyboards), Dilesh (Vocals/Bass Guitar), Harsha (Drums) and Kushal (Vocals/Guitar). Doctor claims that the elitism of their band is the FRIENDSHIP among the brothers. They live their days with incessant contact among the star circle no matter what it is about (practices, shows, music, parties, girl friends & all the boi stuff..) The new age boy band s youngest is Kushal, 19 and even the eldest Krishan is just 21 years. 

Songs by Doctor

Nawa Pituwak

Aththamai Kiyanne

Lak Maniya Pibidila

Mage Girl Friend

Sri Lanka (World Cup Song)